Recordings from the X2 Dreamblaster - GUD Soundbank v1.0

Here are recordings from a range of titles all using the GUD v1 Soundbank for the X2 Dreamblaster. I’ll soon update the X2 to the newer v1.04 GUD sound bank and record new versions for comparison. All the tracks are recorded from a ESS Audiodrive with the X2 attached to the wavetable header using Audacity.

GUD Release v1.0 Playlists as MP3s
The Soundcloud playlist below are limited to only have a few example tracks. More extensive sets can be downloaded fromGoogle Drive in 320kbps VBR mp3s contained in .zip archives.

If you’d like to update your X2 to version v1.0 or any other version you can download the soundbanks available fromhere.