Hi my name is William!

I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and web designer based in the North East of the UK.

BA Hons graduate in Graphic Design from Middlesex University (Cathill). In addition to an Art Foundation specialising in Graphic Media from Bournville College of Art (Birmingham City University).

I have 8 years experience as a Senior Graphic Designer in the industry, working on illustration, logos, branding, print, clothing, advertising and web design. I’m proficient with industry standard tools such as Adobe’s Creative Suite and Quark Xpress for digital and printed media.

I also have experience with systems and software used in a variety of CAD/CAM processes. These include laser/profile cutting, embroidery digitizing, vinyl transfer design and silkscreen printing. If you’re interested in my services or have an enquiry the details to reach me are detailed on my contact page. A selection of work from my portfolio is also available to view.

In my own time I love to create digital and traditional illustrations, including but not limited to pixel art, vector, painting, sketches and 3D. I sometimes post them to instagram if I think they are good enough. I’m a drummer and amateur music maker. I also create my own websites and have some experience in using PHP, CSS and JavaScript.

I’ve been fascinated by computers and what they can do since I was a child. Their the ability to combine graphics and sound to create interactive worlds, that can immerse a user to tell a story, explore a narrative or give an experience in a way that no other medium can. It’s this unique facet of computers and games that compelled me into a career the digital creative arts.

Currently I’m teaching myself the programs Unity, Aseprite and Blender in order to create my own games and experiences. Along side this I build retro computers and tinker with old hardware which I then use to stream classic video games on twitch. My past broadcasts can been viewed on my archive on youtube.

So if you’re into any of these topics there might be some thing here in my blog to pique your interest.

Welcome to the scratch disk of my brain!