Twitch Commands

Utility Commands

!commands – List of all available commands
!discord – Discord info, come join us.
!retro – Tell me about the Retro Rig you are using.
!specs – All the tech specs for my setup and retro rigs.
!excuses – Use when excuses (Subscriber only)
!so – Shoutout command (for mods)

Global Commands

!30seconds – Storming the beach.
!abigfatone – That’s right!
!alert – I’ve alerted the guards.
!ants – Don’t get high on ants kids.
!apogee – The height of gaming excitement.
!beef – Pound it.
!bodger – Everybody knows badger loves…
!building – Unable to comply building in progress.
!butterybass – I like the bass.
!caleb – Good, Bad, im the one with the gun.
!cavej – Random Cave quote.
!checkagain – In case I missed something.
!codec – Check the chat.
!complete – Mission Complete!
!computerman – You there computer man, fix my pants!
!crunch – What will you do when it comes to the crunch?
!crunch2 – You know nothing of the crunch!
!doinapoo – I’m doin’ a poo
!duke – It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
!dynomite – Can you dig it?
!easytoremember – (Scarcasticly)
!emergency – 0118 999….
!eranu – Eranu?!
!uvavu – Uvavu!
!failed – I failed
!falling – Falling to my death
!fire – Four, Five, I mean FIRE!
!gameover – Game-over man!
!getonwithit – GET ON WITH IT!
!glados – Oh… It’s you.
!gordon – A classic Gordon Freeman quote.
!hello – Helloooooooooooo…
!hellothere – Obiwan says hi.
!hellocomputer – Hello Computer!
!iliveagain – I LIVE… AGAIN!
!intoit – I’m into it.
!itsworking – It’s working! It’s working!
!kweh – Chocos about.
!kupo – Won’t you deliver this letter.
!lasers – USE WHEN LASERS!
!lasersagain – For when I’m just that bad with lasers.
!lurk – User is lurking.
!max – Max Payne dearest of all my friends.
!msn – New message received.
!needalight – More fire required.
!nobodyexpects – Our chief weapons are…
!nudge – MSN Nudge
!ofcourse – OF COURSE!
!ohbugger – Getting mugged by a dragon?
!ohmyword – Not quite an outrage.
!ooglyboogly – Watch out USERNAME is here!
!outrage – This is an outrage!
!papers – You’re not an american spy are you?
!party – It’s a celebration!
!payneinthebutt – Payne in the butt!
!paynetothemax – Payne to the MAX!
!podracing – Now this IS pod racing!
!punish – He must be punished.
!quake – Well it’s not Doom.
!return – I return to serve.
!save – Warn me to save the game!
!shoes – Can I have some shoes?
!slammin – When things are slammin’!
!sleighbells – For X-Mas times.
!snake – I died.
!space – The one place not corrupted by capitalism.
!spikes – USE WHEN SPIKES!
!squish – Flat as a pancake.
!stayontarget – Stay on target!
!tea – Tea time!
!thisisfine – It’s all gone wrong, now with fire!
!tobefair – To be fair. (short)
!tobefair2 – To be fair. (long)
!toolong – When I’m taking too long.
!typo – I regret that it was typed incorrectly.
!uptime – The stream up time.
!useless – Oh you are useless.
!youready – Ready? Let’s Goo!
!victory – When I finally succeeded.
!voodoo – Cottage cheese, cottage cheese…
!weewee – Stop! I need to go weewee.
!whatyagot – What are you doing now?
!wildparty – Let’s have a wild party!
!yew – YEW!
!youready – Any time you’re ready…
!zombies – Get ready for the next wave!