Graphic Design

This page contains a selection of Graphic Design projects, clicking any of the thumbnails below will take you to that project. On each page you can see the the whole project, high quality image(s), PDfs, animations, etc. and a short description of the project or its brief.

A Fake History of Type

A case study project for a brief from the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD), exploring the subject of fakery.

My response was a series of infographics which illustrate the ‘borrowing’ culture that surrounds the history of typefaces; pre and post digital.

DORN Mechanical & Electrical LTD

Logo re-design for DORN Mechanical & Electrical LTD. Variations, concepts and visual development using existing brand guidelines and client feedback to create a clean look.

The finalised design was formatted for Digital and Print in colour and greyscale versions.

Immersion Electronic Music Festival

Illustration project which invokes the essence of Electronic music, custom sound hardware, circuit-bent instruments, synthesisers and video game music.

I used a colourful simplified vector style to contrast the visual subject of complex sound circuitry.

Sally Ellen Designs

Made from the ground up, this custom WordPress site serves as a portfolio, blog and web shop for Sally Ellen Designs.

The site was designed to work with the client’s current branding & style. It also features a system that amalgamates the client posts from all social media platforms to the blog section.

A placeholder for the next thing

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